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Performing Artists/Group: TheBrownBoys.ws: Thriple Threat Plus Youth Talent
Names: Dante (profile) & Dusan (profile) Brown: Entertainers, Actors, Models, Voiceovers & Athletes
Age: 10 & 8 Years Old
Birthdate: October 6, 1999 & December 2, 2001
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Location: Chicago
IMDb Page: [x], [x]
Official Websites: TheBrownBoys.ws, Facebook.com, Myspace.com, YouTube.com, Twitter.com


For film, TV, voiceover, commercials, print & theater:
Stewart Talent
Tel: 312-943-3131

For press, music, dance performances, appearances and bookings:
Joyce Kelly-Brown
Email: joyce@thebrownboys.ws


Dante (profile) & Dusan (profile) are triple threat plus, tween entertainers. They are currently represented by Stewart Talent Agency and managed by their Mom, Joyce Kelly-Brown. They began modeling/acting at the tender ages of 1 1/2 (Dante) and 5 weeks (Dusan) and currently maintain a very successful booking ratio. The Brown Boys recently returned from LA filming a TV pilot, which is currently being shopped with all major networks. Between the two of them, just within the past couple of months, they’ve debuted in a lead role in the Lifetime movie, “America,” and booked commercials for Wal-mart, Kmart, National PTA, Qwest and The Ounce of Prevention. The Brown Boys currently appear in several print ads for clients ranging from Quaker, Sears, Nascar and Sur La Table. Dusan recently booked his first voiceover and received rave reviews, which resulted in a personal invitation to attend a fundraising luncheon consisting of over 600 guests. Previous television guest appearances include Oprah’s Amazing, Funny & Talented Kids with Jay Leno, Good Morning America’s Child Prodigies Series and NBC’s America’s Most Talented Kids, to name a few.

In addition to The Brown Boys’ love for acting and modeling, they also exemplify talent in singing, rapping, dancing, beatboxing and wrestling. They’re currently working on their debut album, as well as learning new dance routines! They’ve WOWed crowds as opening act for Grammy nominated, recording artist, Trey Songz, entertained guests at The Taste of Chicago, various back-to-school concerts, church events, and other youth-related functions. As a result of their many talents displayed via their YouTube videos, they’ve been contacted by producers at America’s Got Talent, Maury’s Most Talented Kids, casting directors for other TV shows, and several venues across the U.S., requesting them to perform. Most recently, they ended the wrestling season ranking 1st (Dusan) (profile) & 4th (Dante) (profile) in a national wrestling tournament, and with all of this, they’ve still been able to maintain an A/B average in school.

Please feel free to stay tuned to see what’s next in store for these budding, triple threat plus tween entertainers and be one of the first to hear and support their fresh, new music. To receive the latest information as it pertains to their journey in the entertainment industry, sign up for their confidential, free email list via their personal website (www.TheBrownBoys.ws), subscribe to their YouTube channel (www.YouTube.com) and MySpace blog (www.Myspace.com), as well as become their friend on FaceBook (www.Facebook.com). If that’s not enough, you can also follow them on their newest account, (www.Twitter.com). Thanks for your love & support!


YouTube Channel & videos, within just one year, has received over a half million views
Personal website averages between 25,000-35,000 visitors a month & will soon undergo revisions to be more interactive & comprehensive – so sign up for their elist to K.I.T. & be one of the 1st to know when it launches
YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook & Twitter, less than one year active, has over 8,000 friends/subscribers/supporters – join them
Was a part of Oprah’s 1st Amazing, Funny & Talented Kids with Jay Leno – see clip on personal website
Ended the 2008-09 wrestling season ranking #1 (Dusan) & #4 (Dante) in the nation
Trains with the legendary Jessie White Tumblers
Although brothers, they are also best friends
Have been modeling/acting since they were 1 1/2 (Dante) & 5 weeks (Dusan)
Was opening acting for Trey Songz, Songz4Peace: Chicago Back to School Panel & Concert
In recording studio working to release debut album this fall 2009
Color = Orange, Red, Brown
Foods = Pizza, Lobster, Macaroni & Cheese
TV show = Bobb’e Says & Dude! What Would Happen If…
Movies = The Whiz, School Daze & Hancock
Books = The Dangerous Book for Boys
Sports = Wrestling, Football, Basketball
Video Game = Xbox & PSP
All-Time Entertainers = Michael Jackson
Actors = Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx
Singers & Rappers = Chris Brown, Lil Bow Wow, Kanye, Common
Choreographers = Jabbawockeez, Dave Scott & Shane Sparks
Filmmakers = Spike Lee, Tyler Perry & The Wayans Brothers
Things to Do = sing, rap, dance, hang with cousins & friends, make vids for YouTube, swim/hang out @ beach, fish & wrestle with Dad, cuddle & watch movies with Mom

CREDIT: Their Mother