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Name: Leeah D. Jackson
Age: 14 Years Old
Birthday: January 26, 1998
Birthplace: St. Louis MO
Location: Los Angeles CA & St. Louis , MO
Agency:Morgan Talent Agency & Identity Kids Talent
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Tabetha D. Plummer, Esq.
Plummer Law Group, PC
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Sherman Oaks, California 91403
(818) 728-0180 telephone
(818) 728-0198 facsimile
Direct: increasingmore@sbcglobal.net



The Appointment (2003) …. Katie
Power Pellet


Interview … Another TV Discovery, Erik Desando
The Shield … The Barn Productions, Dir Stephen Kay
Boston Public … David E. Kelly Prod., Dir. Bethany Rooney
E-True Hollywood … Michael Jackson’s 40th Birthday Party
HBO Jam … HBO/Taffetdesign, Dir. Harry Karidis


General Motors
Home Town Buffet
Home Town Buffet
Home Town Buffet
California First Five
Ronald McDonald House


Motown 45 … Dancer … Shrine / 2004
Michael Jackson 40th B-day … Singer … Never land Ranch / 2004
Policeman Banquet / Auction … Singer … Contantina & Sheriff’s Youth Foundation / 2003
Easter Event … Singer … Orpehuim Theater / 2003
COTHI Christmas … Singer … Hollywood Palladium / 2002


West End Community Revival 2002 Issue, 34
West End Community Revival 2003, Special Edition
Hollywood Reporter 2004
7th Annual Urban Film Festival


Private Coach … Byron Nolan
Acting Now … Mark Swinton
Vocal … Knuckle-Up Entertainment (David Holmes)


Dancing, Singing, Riding Scooter, Modeling, Fashion Shows, Articulate, Outgoing, Works well with children and adults.
Has a will for learning, dancing, sings, loves art, enjoys skating in heelys, riding Bratz scooter, well mannered, working on computer, gymnastics, playing Dance Dance Revolution, and Bratz video game.


The acting bug bite little miss Leeah (aka Mama Leeah, h, Lil diva, Leeahboo) has been age of three. Arriving to the world January 26, 1998, Leeah entered the world on speed track. She never crawled, walked at 7 months, got rid of her bottle on her own a 10 months, potty-trained herself in a matter of days at 11 months, and never sucked a binky. Learned to us computer and surf the web at 22months. Being from an artistic and educated family, mom & dad knew she is a child destined for greatness. She also dance and sings and has been creating been her own song’s since age of two. Leeah became the proud owner of her SAG card at the age of five.

No stranger to the entertainment industry, Leeah has powerful entertaining siblings. Their talents lead them to various performances in St. Louis and Los Angles. God truly has his arms wrapped around this family. She occasionally performs with her siblings, “Young and Gifted” (LaKia, FaTina & Henry III) who lend their dynamic talents to professional dancing, stage plays, national commercials, TV & Film. The acting bug hit Leeah when she saw her siblings on performing and knew right then, that is what she wanted to do. The shining light is in her destiny and she latched on quickly. Leeah’s mom & dad were very hesitant to let her pursue acting, being that she was only three at the time and thought she wasn’t ready for the spotlight. Leeah proved them wrong. Favor, Grace, Wisdom, Knowledge, Intelligence and Destiny surround this Beautiful Soul.

One day the family was at an audition to support their brother Henry (aka Henry The III) on an audition. Well there were many casting calls going on at the facility. Leeah took it upon herself, to ask if she could audition for “HBO Jam”. “You want to audition’ quoted casting assistant.” “Yes”, said three year old Leeah. The casting assistant got approval and asked mom, if it was okay. Off her and Leeah went into the casting room. Casting came back out and said, “She’s amazing”. Before the family could get home, their agent called mom and asked did Leeah audition that day, she quoted, “I didn’t send her on anything did I?” Mom replied, “Why with a smile”. The agent replied, “Well HBO wants to book the Little Diva”. Mom and Dads eyes opened‚Ķ “Well Sherlock, we have another one”, said dad. To see they had not three, but all four children bitten by the entertainment industry bug. On June 21, 2001, Leeah filmed HBO Jams. It presently airs today on the HBO Family Network. It is opening promo to all the children shows. She not only shot the Promo, she also was taken into the studio to lend her voice to voice- over spots. Very impressive for a little tike, who got her first the job by just asking? Matthew 7:7-9, tells us to, “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it will be opened.” Sure enough doors have and are opened to this family. Not long after that Leeah was sent out on a few auditions (there were not many calls for three year olds, but she quickly is making a name for herself as she ages. “More doors are bound to open.”

Leeah has lent her talent to principal role in “California First Five”, “Ronald McDonald House”, “Mc Donald’s” (with her siblings), “Kmart” (Spike Lee, director), three spots for “Old Country (Home Town Buffet)”, the recent “General Motors” (on-star) and “Epson Printer”. Not only has Leeah knocked doors open to the commercial industry, she has appeared on “Boston Public” co-starring Karen White, “The Shield”, “Power Pellet (student film) with her brother Henry and “The Appointment” which lead her to travel to New York at the “7th Annual Urban World Film Festival”.

When Leeah is not in Los Angeles, she is in her hometown, St. Louis, MO. Leeah has appeared at many industry and non-industry events. She also had the privilege to sing at Michael Jackson’s 40th Birthday Party (aired on E-True Hollywood). Leeah also performed on stage at the “Motown 45” taping (she danced to fill time for the audience). Recently, as the family, was visited her favorite store, “Nordstrom” Leeah was asked to model for their Spring Fashion Shows March 2006 (South Bay and South Coast Plaza) and many other awards show and events.

Leeah is constantly learning her craft for acting, dancing and singing. She also enjoys collecting as many Bratz dolls as possible. She has a collection of Barbie’s and My Scene Dolls added to her humongous collection, she has 8 Porcelain Dolls, That So Raven Doll (this is a treasured one). She had her 8th birthday party with the theme of “That’s So Raven”, but with “That So Leeah” flair. A “That’s So Leeah” Newsletter and CD with all her favorite songs, from Raven, Cheetah Girls, Chicken Little and Gospel CD collection.

She is home-schooled and is doing quite well. Being in the second grade, Leeah gracefully tackles many subjects above her level. She enjoys learning and spelling news words. “I enjoy spelling, because I want to add new words to my vocabulary”, Leeah quotes. She also enjoys science and art. On her off time, she enjoys outdoors, (watching for butterflies & lady bugs), playing with her Leapster, Leap Pad, PS 2, skating in her heelys, scooter and playing with her Maltese dog (Ashlee). If Leeah gets a chance to watch TV, she enjoys watching Nickelodeon and Disney programming for an hour during the week and hour in half on the week end.


Manager: Taylor-Jackson & Associates
Siblings: LaKia, FaTina, & Henry the III
Loves Laser Tag
Excellent Singer & Dance
More to come
Brother birthday is two days before hers
Currently working on Songs in Studio
Occasionally dance & sings with her older siblings “Young & Gifted”
Dances for the Ministry at her church and other local events.
Subjects: Math & Science
Food: Marconi & Cheese
Actor: Will Smith, Cedric The Entertainer
Actress: Whoopi Goldberg, Karen White, Kyla Pratt, & Raven Simone, Oprah
Music: Gospel, R&B, Classical, Smooth Jazz
TV Shows: Suite Life of Zack & Cody, That’s So Raven, Rachel Ray ‚Äì 30 min. Meals
Movies: Are We There Yet, Chicken Little, The Color Purple
Favorite Color: Pink


StuartStoneCasting.TV – Old Country Buffet (Click on first spot)
NowCasting.Com – Under brother, Henry The III

Credit: Her Mother