Posted on April 03, 2012 by Toria Latrice
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Jacob Latimore - Young Man on Campus

Jacob Latimore, 15, will soon star in the pilot for BET’s original comedy series Young Man On Campus. Jacob will star as a 15-year-old college prodigy who lives on a college campus sharing a dorm room with his basketball star cousin, Marco.

Young Man On Campus is a spin-off of the BET comedy series Reed Between the Lines, which stars young shiners Nadji Jeter, Zoe Hendrix and Zoe Soul. Jacob guest-starred on the show last season in an episode titled “Let’s Talk About College Boys,” where his character for the upcoming series was introduced.

Actress Terri J. Vaughn has signed on to play Jacob’s widowed mother Trishelle. Also cast in the pilot episode are Eric D. Hill, Jr. as cousin Marco, Dondre Whitfield as Professor Derek Watson, who discovers Jacob’s genius, and Vanessa Simmons as Aliyah, a girl whom both Jacob and his cousin Marco have a crush on.



    • Ethan Di Cavalcanti says:

      My friend Kevin Scott is the Casting Director for this show and I am sure it will be a HIT!!!! Thanks BET for bringing something interesting to TV!!!!



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