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Sayeed Shahidi

Brother and sister Sayeed Shahidi and Yara Shahidi worked together on a photo shoot for Forever21’s new kids clothing line, HTG81 Kids. The photos were shot by Fashion Photographer Christopher Kilkus at a Mini Golf Amusement Park in CA. See some pictures below, they’re too cute! An on-location video can be seen underneath.

Shop HTG81 now — They have some the cutest and coolest clothes for kids… and they’re affordable too!

View The Gallery: There are 17 Photos Included.

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  1. Jen says:

    Woahh, there's more! Where did you get them all? I got the ones from Yara Place off Christopher Kilkus website..but some of the ones you have aren't from there. Is there any chance you could share with me where you got them? :)

  2. is this website olny for black actors that play in movies,commercials, and shows on Tv.

    • This is a website for all black youth who are shining… we mostly feature actors who are in movies and TV shows but we also feature dancers, musicians, models, entrepreneurs and more.


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