Posted on February 17, 2010 by Toria Latrice

Dee Dee Davis

Look how much she’s grown! Dee Dee Davis (profile), well known for her role as Bryanna ‘Baby Girl‘ Thomkins on The Bernie Mac Show, has quickly grown up since her role in the series.

Dee Dee will be celebrating her 14th birthday in April! In addition to The Bernie Mac show, we’ve last seen Dee Dee in the 300th episode of NBC’s show ER which aired in 2007. Check out ‘Baby Girl‘ in these more current photos!

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  1. Candesha Arrington says:

    I just can't believe how much she has grown up because I'm still watching The Bernie Mac Show and I just love it. It's very funny and entertaining. I really miss Bernie Mac even though he is gone but he is still living when I see his shows. Hope to see Dee Dee Davis in more shows like that and movies soon!!!!!!!

    • kkkiii says:

      thats cool, but Dee Dee Davis, is old now.. And i loved her when she was little, i dont know how she is now but i hope shes still the same, dang..

  2. Brooke says:

    Dang she grew up! I was wondering what she looked like now. She still looks pretty.

  3. Mary Dawson says:

    I watch the Bernie Mack show EVERY morning…Baby Girl has REALLY changed; Nessa looks the same. I would love to see what Jeremy Suarez looks like now, but there's nothing on him. It cracks me up when Nessa looks at Bernie and says 'what"? And the priest cracks me up too, with the organ music playing when he comes on. Love the show!!!!

  4. Ajane says:

    Wow she is pretty omg she grown up i remember when she was on the bernie mac show..

  5. Angie says:

    Omg.. Look at Baby Girl… Stil adorable .

  6. lirrecel says:

    She was to funny I loved her I still watch it bernie mac show yyeeaa!!!!!!!

  7. cooly style says:

    I love the show. BABY GIRL has grown to be a very lovely young lady. NESSA you are very pertty as well…..But as BERNIE would say ….LET’S MOVE ON! JORDAN what’s up with you?….WHO U WIT


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